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Your reliable short-term rental management partner.

Let's discover together how easy and profitable short-term rental can be. We are here for you!

What does Dodo do?

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How to with Dodo?

Dodo is a team of experts that shapes its strategy, above all, according to your needs and goals.

We receive your application and details.

In a few steps, we quickly receive a short rental request for your property.

We prepare the necessary details for your property.

After your application, we present you our offer and make your property ready for listing.

We manage the whole process rigorously.

Everything from customer check-in and check-out to the cleaning of your property is under Dodo's control.

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Ceren Elmas


Dodo’s Full Care with Smart Home package remunerates itself. My safety concerns were assured, on the other hand my access to my home is just a click away. You're amazing, Dodo.

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